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Democratic Work

  • Auteur(s) :

    Alexis Cukier
  • Traducteur(s) :

    Traduit du français en anglais par Jean-Charles KHALIFA et Brendan Prendiville.
  • Éditeur :

    Palgrave Macmillan (groupe Springer-Verlag GmbH, Heidelberg)
  • Date de publication :

    9 mai 2023
  • Genre :

    SHS | Philosophie et politique
  • Nombre de pages :

    190 pages
  • Prix :

    116,04 €
« This book proposes a radical transformation of labour institutions, in order to lay the foundation for the democratization of society rather than capitalist accumulation. Using an empirical analysis of the contemporary world of work, Alexis Cukier examines the democratic meaning of today’s critique of work organization and questions the theoretical models (linked to class struggles and to industrial democracy) to conceive of a "democratic work."
Considering particular historical experiments (such as cooperatives, self-management, worker’s councils) that try to realize democracy at work, this book also analyzes the political issue of "democratic work" in relation to issues such as labour law, feminist struggles and political ecology.
Ultimately, this book proposes some institutional paths that could overtake the divide between the rights of the citizens and the rights of the workers, arguing finally: if we really want to radicalize democracy, we should begin with democratizing work. »

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