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Is everyone a Narcissus ? Even me ?

  • Auteur(s) :

    Michela Gecele
  • Traducteur(s) :

    Traduit de l'italien en anglais par Antonella Emmi
  • Date de publication :

    15 janvier 2022
  • Genre :

    Médecine, psychothérapie
  • Nombre de pages :

    104 pages
  • Prix :

    12,50 €

« This book unfolds at a rhythmic and light-hearted pace, directly engaging its readers-especially women readers-at each and every turn.

Its underlying purpose is to give insights for understanding, and guidelines for dealing with, relationships with Narcissuses, partners encountered widely and almost inevitably in our society.

The variety of narcissistic types is so broad and far-reaching that it comes to encompass us all (or almost).

Alternating academic rigour and playful divertissement, we meet vampires, libertines, witches, and characters from myth and the silver screen, to arrive ultimately at a possible revolution in interpersonal relations, feeling, relationships between men and women, reality.

The viewpoint presented here to readers to everyone interested in narcissism, both lay people and professionals is light-hearted, but above all positive and constructive. »

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