Maison de la Traduction en Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Lord Mord

  • Auteur(s) :

    Milos Urban
  • Traducteur(s) :

    Traduit du tchèque en anglais par Gerald Turner
  • Éditeur :

    Peter Owen (Londres)
  • Date de publication :

    1 janvier 2013
  • Genre :

    Roman policier
  • Nombre de pages :

    300 pages
  • Prix :

    1,00 €
From Milos Urban, author of international bestseller The Seven Churches, comes a new thriller. Hapsburg Prague at the end of the nineteenth century seethes with tension between Czechs seeking independence and the German-speaking population who wield the power. Caught between both are the Jews. Josefov, the Jewish Quarter, is being modernized, causing large-scale destruction of the medieval city. Moving through this maelstrom is the drug-addicted, absinthe-drinking, tubercular Adi, Count Arco, aka Lord Mord, a Bohemian throwback who dotes on the ancient buildings and courtyards of the old town. Buying a house in Josefov, he refuses to move, going into battle with the faceless bureaucrats at the Town Hall who want the residents evicted. Meanwhile, the nighttime alleyways are haunted by a mythological monster nicknamed Kleinfleisch. Prostitutes are being murdered, and when Lord Mord's mistress becomes a victim, he finds himself sucked into wider events that wrench him out of his Bohemian idyll. A dizzying cocktail of mystery, murder and Gothic romance, Lord Mord is more than worthy of an author who has been dubbed 'the dark knight of Czech literature'.
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